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Enayat, full of fun

Enayat, my friend!

Enayat, my friend!

Every morning Enayat knocks at my door. We both can understand that it is the time to go out. I think that he is very naughty and always full of fun. When I pass time with him, his jokes make me laugh. I had chat with him many times before coming to Berlin. I was eager to know about his country, Afghanistan. He gave me a short brief about their struggle against the Talibans.

Enayat knows how to use weapons. Beside journalism he also worked for the foreign forces. He is involved with three works at a time in his country. Beside these he goes to the university for higher studies. I hope that he will get success here. It is true that his friends who are living in Afghanistan miss him. He also told me about this many times.
I also believe that missing just like this funny boy is very natural.

This is Enayat

This is Enayat

When Enayat invited me for chat in google mail, I didn’t know any thing about him. I had no idea about the war-devastated country’s people. But after about a month, now my idea has totally changed. I thought that people of the war devastated country are very serious. But Enayat has changed my idea.
I don’t know about the press freedom of Enayat’s country. But he has shown me a very tragic picture of a journalist. Talibans had cut the hands of that journalist. I think that Enayat should carefully handle the matters of Talibans.


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