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Bangladeshi Journalist attacked

(This news was published in ictcradle)
Abdullah Al-Amin, a correspondent of the Bangladeshi national daily Samakal, is now in the hospital after a brutal attack by a group of thugs believed to have been hired by a powerful Member of Parliament (MP).
Just before the attack the MP had threatened him (Al-amin) not to write anything against him.
According to a report of The Daily Samakal, some terrorists had tried to kill Al-Amin by using hand made weapons at the evening of Saturday.
Before this the MP of that constituency Captain (Rt.) Gias Uddin Ahmed scolded their the journalist. The MP said to him, “I am the MP of this constituency. I will remain in power for the next five years. By this time if anyone writes against me |I will see him.”
The MP had scolded a member of his party too. But the MP later denied these allegations.
Al-Amin is now getting treatment in the district medical college hospital. He told us, `I had gone to a computer-phone-Fax shop to send news to my head office. That is when some terrorists came and attacked me.”
According to eye witnesses the terrorists are well known as followers of the MP.
Bangladesh apparently is a dangerous zone for journalists to work in. Other countries where journalists face brutality include Pakistan and Afghaistan.


April 12, 2009 - Posted by | Media

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