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Security Issue for Cell Phone Data

One single SMS has confused Raihan, a subscriber of a prominent cell phone operator of Bangladesh. The SMS was as below “Never lose your phone numbers, SMS or anything else even if you lose mobile! Mobile Backup, enjoy 3 days’ free browsing. SMS ‘Backup’ to 6000. Conditions apply.”
This SMS makes those people happy who have lost their cell phones and need the used numbers, SMS and other contents very urgently. But the ordinary people like Raihan who has not lost his cell phone, asks himself a simple question. That is how the cell phone operators give him the numbers and other contents. Do they know all about him, his SMS? If yes, is it secured? Many people know that a huge number of the employees of the cell phone operators work as part time. So can they misuse customer’s data? It has become an important question among the citizens. They are thinking about the activities of the cell phone operators also.
Journalist Probir Shikder is against these activities of the cell phones operators. He believes that if cell phone companies preserve his voice data or SMS it will decrease personal rights. He also said that SMS, voice calls are almost personal. Journalists like Kakoli Prodhan and Mohsina Laiju are also concerned about the interference by the cell phone operators. Kakoli Prodhan says, ‘When I had come to know that cell phone operators are preserving my data, I just stopped to discuss personal matters through the cell phone’. She understands that cell phone operators are doing this by the instruction of the government. Their logic is security and curbs the terrorist activities. She asks, “Is it possible to tackle terrorism by preserving the data of subscribers? I think that the terrorists are using higher technology. I hardly believe that terrorists are using cell phones for terrorism now days.
Mohsina Laiju is also terrified about data preservation of the cell phone operators. She just can not think that some one is saving her data.
Amzad Hossain, an IT graduate thinks that data preservation is not bad. But the question is ‘Are my data secured?’ He has not any clear idea about the security issue of the data of cell phone subscribers. He thinks that data can be stored. But where is the sureity that data will not be misused. Even it is possible to know my presence for the cell phone operators by cell phone tower. So far he knows that there is no law to protect those data.
Another subscriber Lena Haq has demanded to make law about cell phone data protection. She thinks that now the employees of the cell phone operators know everything related to my cell phone, like my billing address, to whom I am calling etc. Government should take step to secure our data.


May 17, 2009 - Posted by | National

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