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Journalism to Fisheries?

(It was posted on 26 May 2009)
Sometimes I face odd situation when people make comments about my profession, Journalism. I know that this is the profession which has all kind of risks. But above all I like this. May be it is silently spoiling my life. But I don’t get any way to quit. Now I would like to tell about some comments. Sometimes I got fun and sometimes became sad.
I had gone to attend the funeral of my grandmother this week. There I met with my brother-in-law after many years. May be, he had too much expectation about me like my parents. They wanted to see me in Army dress. So when I am engaged with a profession which is almost against the Army (for the issue of democracy and human rights) it is not tolerable to them. Besides brother-in-law wanted to know about my present condition of academic course. I told him that I have already enrolled myself with another Masters Course. He wanted to know the name of the course I replied and explained the scopes of Masters in Development Studies (MDS). He instantly asked me whether I am going to open fisheries business after completing the course. I just shocked to hear that. But I tried not to understand that. Some of my cousins have started fisheries business after getting no scope for suitable jobs. A person like my brother-in-law does not believe that journalism can be career. So they think that I am spoiling my time for nothing.

I would like to mention about another incident of that day. One of my cousins has become very close person of an MP. He was telling in front of me that one newspaper has published a ‘false’ story against the MP. The story is that the cadres of that MP had snatched the Tender schedule. My cousin was telling that his MP did not buy any schedule. People like my cousin sometimes tell me about the false or fabricated news. Sometimes I feel odd about this. But I also understand that they are telling this for their expectations about newspapers. It is true that sometimes people are just become bored with the newspaper.

Sometimes I remember about the beginning of my career. I had started contributing from the Daily Ajker Kagoj. My parents had advised me not to waste time with newspaper work. They also warned be about the addiction. But I failed to quit from newspaper. It is true that addiction for journalism has derailed my life. So I can say that I am moving on the derailed road. Still having no plan to start fisheries.

May 26, 2009 - Posted by | Personal

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  1. journalism still not a prestigious job in your country. But You guys are performing well in your country and outside. Take the profession as challenge. Do not be frustrated

    Comment by Linda | July 17, 2009 | Reply

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