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Bangladesh is going 1 hour ahead

(This news was published at IIJ Blog)
South Asian Country Bangladesh is going to introduce daylight saving time (DST) from June 19 midnight. Clock will go one hour ahead from that day. Government is expecting to save energy by this system. Bangladeshi cabinet decided to introduce this system on 1st June’s meeting. The Press Secretary of the Prime Minister informed the journalists that the cabinet has approved the DST plan to minimize the power crisis.
According to DST plan offices and businesses will start and close one hour earlier than the present time. So people’s habit will be affected by this. Experts are expecting that DST will save around 250MW electricity. But some people are also concerned about the success of the DST. Sadeque Hossain, an executive of a private firm thinks that DST will not be successful here. He noted that specially in case of the capital city Dhaka, there is no large difference in power consumption at day or night. School-colleges, business institution all need electricity at the day time. So changing of time will not create any notable affect. We only need to increase the production of power. At present the deficit of electricity is about 1200MW. People are facing power crisis almost everyday.


June 1, 2009 - Posted by | National

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