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Bangladeshi investigators slam media

(This news was published at IIJ Blog)
Many politicians have criticized the vigilant role of media in past. Now an investigation committee (formed by the Government) is blaming like them. During last February’s Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) mutiny, the whole world had come to know about the live incidents of Dhaka by the media. Some privatized television channel had showed this as live. But the investigation committee about the mutiny has blamed that the news of mutiny was spread by media. The mutineers had also got the latest news by the media. The investigators have also told that the intention of the media was their business, not the security or interest of the country. So the committee has recommended forming a guideline for the media.
Ordinary people are confused about the probable effect of this recommendation.
Razib Ahmed, a political activist has told that if Government tries to implement the recommendation by imposing ban on any specific news that will be bad luck for us.
Probir Shikder, a senior journalist has expressed his disappointment about the slam on media. He tells, ‘When no body is to blame then we have the tendency to blame the media. Journalists had collected news with life risk at that crucial time. Even Government knew about the ongoing facts by the media. What will the Government tell the media- Publish this news or don’t publish? Will it be a country of free media?’
Another Journalist Debabratha Chakrabarty is also dissatisfied about blaming the media for its role. Some media were aggressive in news presentation. But we should not blame the blame the whole media for it. He added that now investigators are blaming the media. But media played an important role at that crisis moment.

Faisal Hussain, a businessman tells that after the Mumbai attack media was blamed for its vigilant role just like the same. So Government should decide whether they will form guidelines for the media or let them free to work. I think that media should remain free. They should not compromise with anything. Let our media be free from any kind of pressure.
Shohidul Islam, a student has also expressed his grief over the reaction of the politicians. He is doubtful about the interest of the politicians about free media. He tells, ‘opposition leader has criticized the investigation report for their comments on intelligence agencies. But she is silent about the recommendation on media. What does she think? Should media protect the country’s interest first or fulfill the news thirst of the ordinary people? I think that media’s first duty is to fulfill the news thirst of the ordinary people’. He adds, ‘Media is the watchdog of the society. It will reflect the society and its incidents. They should not take any policy to hide or black out any true incident’.


June 1, 2009 - Posted by | Media

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