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Daylight Savings On, Breakfast Off

June 22, 2009. Dhaka
June 20, 21 and 22, already three days are over. We are moving one hour ahead than the previous time table. What has changed in my daily routine? After changing the time am I getting up one hour earlier than before? Probably ‘no’. I used to get up late from bed but come to office earlier than others. Now days I am finding myself present in the office almost in time but my colleagues are little bit late. What I have missed in last three days is breakfast. I do not like crowd. Now days I am finding the food shops are crowded. So I do not enter. What has made the shops so crowded at the early morning? This is day light savings. Every one is getting busy one hour earlier than before. But I have not changed my routine and erased only the breakfast hour. I do not know about the effect of this situation. Electricity crisis still exist during this summer. We have passed a night without electricity last week. It was a horrible night. I tried to sleep and was able to sleep. But at midnight I got up and found that every family surrounding my house was quarrelling. I thought about a reason for that. The night was very hot. People’s attitude is cool when the weather is cool. They have become hot in hot weather. So everything becomes intolerable. I hope that the day light savings program will help them to get cool. People will start their work early hours. When they will come back to their house they will feel tired. So I hope that they will not get sufficient stamina to quarrel.
What I do after the office hour? Yes, day light is a problem for me. I used to go back to my house at the evening. So if I wait for the evening I will really have to wait three hours after my office hour. I will have to do something fruitful for those hours. What can I do? – I am still planning.


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