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Congrats. Bangladesh Cricket Team

Bangladesh has won against West Indies in test cricket. This is their first win in foreign field. As a fan of Bangladesh cricket team I am happy for it. It is also true that this happy moment has come after long depression and unhappiness. Yes, Bangladesh has lost in almost all matches. What has brought their success in the West Indies? New Captain Mashrafi, team effort or tremendous success of any particular player? I think that all these have made that. But the issue of West Indies cricket team has also come here. I have heard that the West Indies cricket team which is playing now is almost new and inexperienced. So Bangladesh cricket team has defeated them easily. But can we say-that victory was easy? I have seen their struggle before Tamim’s century. Some people were confused about this win. But I have heard that cricket experts are telling- Bangladesh will win. If they do not win, cricket will be defeated.
Yes, when any Test playing country faces defeat to a less renowned or new team it is a matter of shame. Bangladeshi cricket team had the responsibility to win again the weak team of West Indies. They have made this possible and saved the prestige of a strong team of a country. When Bangladesh wins they win in all aspects. I have seen to collapse Indian, Pakistani and Australian cricket team in the days of Bangladesh. I will not hesitate to congratulate Bangladesh cricket team for their victory against West Indies. I want to see more professionalism and better performance in future. Wishing ‘Good Luck’ to Bangladesh Cricket.

July 16, 2009 - Posted by | Sports

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