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Are we going to be drowned?

The world is concerned about the global warming and climate change. But I do not see any tension in our Government. I have read several articles of international experts about drowning low land like Bangladesh. I have translated an article for my previous media house, Samakal. That was about the future of Bangladesh. The foreign experts told that the country is going to be drowned with in 100 years. We were also concerned about the message. So we published the article at the first page. The theme of the translated article was Bangladesh is born by bloodshed and going to be death by water. Yes, we got huge response from the readers. I personally felt happy as it was translated by me. But after a few days, an early morning I got just an opposite news in a competitor newspaper. They took the opinion from local experts. Local experts told that Bangladesh is not going to be drowned. They also told that this is the normal process of our country. Some parts of our land will go under water and another parts will rise up. The local experts advised not to be concerned.
I have thought personally about some questions which were raised by my mind. If Bangladesh does not go under water, it is really a good news. But it is true some parts of our coastal area are going under water. The people who are living there are loosing their lands, house ane even their livelihood. Some lands are rising from water. But those are not suitable for living. The people who are loosing their lands for global warming, have been living on their lands for years. When they are loosing their lands actually they are loosing all of their shelters. They are the victims of global warming. I did not heard about any initiative to protect their lands or their rehabilitation. The char land which is rising becomes very caotic. Generally these are controlled by the musclemen or powerful local leaders. They use the char land for their agri-business.They becomes just the land lord.
The people who live in the coastal area of Bangladesh are mainly dependent on fish or water resources. The fishermen go for fishing to the sea. The sea is becoming very fierce for global warming. The numbers of storms or cyclones in the Bay of Bengal are increasing day by day. Any alert about storm means jobless days for the fishermen. Some NGOs are thinking about the alternative professions of the coastal area people. But really that is sufficient. People do not want to leave their old houses and their family professions.
What can be good for the coastal people of Bangladesh? They do not want to leave their lands and profession. I understand that it is not so easy. But correct information and timely actions can save their lives. I have heard that Kutubdia, an island is becoming smaller every year. People are loosing their lands. Salty water is also creating trouble for them. If our Government do not take necessary and quick action the coastal people will really face trouble.


July 18, 2009 - Posted by | Global Warming, National |

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  1. Your Government should be conscious about global warming

    Comment by adnan | July 20, 2009 | Reply

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