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Dream for High-Speed Internet

(See this article in IIJ Blog)
It takes even half an hour to download a small file from Youtube in Bangladesh. The number of internet users is increasing day by day. But frustration for the slow connection is also increasing among the users. Beside the broadband internet service providers (ISP), cell phone and private land phone service providers are also offering internet. It is easy to get internet connection by cell phone than state-run BTCL phone. BTCL is offering high speed internet in some parts of the capital city, Dhaka. Rest of the country has almost slow connection. Service of WiFi and newly introduced WiMAX is limited to some areas, renowned hotels or educational institutions. Bangladesh is connected with the SE-ME-W-4 submarine cable consortium. The allotted bandwidth is 24 gigabits. But the current usage remains at around 8 gigabits.
Manjurul Kabir, a student of the University of Dhaka is frustrated with the speed of internet. Recently he has bought a connection of a cell phone operator who promised to give better connection. But now he is getting only 115.6 kilobits/second. He said, ‘I do not know why the internet is so slow. I can not work for long time. I find the internet is becoming slow after several minutes. Then I disconnect and connect it again. This is only for browsing.’ He added that if he wants to upload or download a video file he faces trouble. Some times it takes hours to upload a small video file.
A source from Bangladeshi telecommunication industry has told that among the 50 million cell phone subscribers only 5 million use internet by cell phone. Some people of big cities are using broad band connection. But the speed is not too much. Those who want to get good speed they are bound to spend more money for that. Internet speed in cybercafes is not mentionable.
Newspaper employee Nizam Uddin is quite happy with the internet speed of his office. He said that his media house is spending huge amount of money for high speed internet connection. But other people are not lucky like him. He said it is very hard to enjoy multimedia stories for slow internet. Online readers complain about it. Journalist Robiul Islam Jibon has told about the difficulties for slow internet. He can not upload big size multimedia stories in the website. Because online readers will not wait for hours to see his content at online.

Atiq Chowdhury, an artist was interested to take BTCL internet connection. But he failed because he will have to take BTCL land phone to get connection for internet. He also mentioned that it is not easy to get a BTCL land phone connection as he is living in a rented house in Dhaka. A subscriber of private land phone internet service, Muslemun Noor complains against his service provider. He finds huge bill at the end of the month.

How can people get high speed internet by spending less money? – To answer this an ISP official said months ago ‘government will have to cut the price of bandwidth’. This month Bangladesh Telecom Regulatory Commission (BTRC) has declared to slash the bandwidth fees. According to BTRC, private ISP will have to pay 18 thousand Taka (about 257 US Dollar) per megabit/second. At present the rate is 27 thousand taka (386 US Dollar). According to the press release BTRC took the decision of reducing the bandwidth price to expand the use of Internet as part of the present government’s pledge to build a digital Bangladesh. The BTRC has taken the decision in consultation with all public and private operators in line with the government’s directive to spread telecommunication and Internet facilities up to the grassroots level.
BTRC said ISPs and mobile phone operators have agreed to provide better service at a reduced price. BTRC chairman Brig Gen (Rtd.) Zia Ahmed is hopeful about increasing the number of internet users and improvement of internet speed. Internet subscribers want to see the fulfillment of his hope.


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  1. I also face the same problem. internet is too much slow. I took broadband connection. At first it was OK. But later it has become the worst service. So far I can understand that ISPs are giving more connection than their capacity. They ask high price for dedicated line

    Comment by tonny | July 21, 2009 | Reply

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