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Reserved Bus-Seats for Women

What we have heard for years, now it has come to true. Written format to implementation- it is just the beginning but I would like to congratulate those people who have made this possible. I am talking about the transport system of Bangladesh, probably one of the messiest in the world. One morning when I discover that the uneducated conductor is telling not to sit at the first ten seats of the bus, I really become amazed.
I have read ‘Gender and Development’ course during my post-graduation studies. Now I count the effect of backwardness of women. It is constitutionally legal to give extra facilities to any back warded class or section of the society. This seat reservation system is nothing more than that. Though we, men deprive the women willingly or unwillingly, this is our duty to give compensation to them.

Some of my relatives, even my female friends sometimes tell me that I am pro-woman in my thoughts. My girl friend expects my domination on her life. I have talked with her about this several times. I have come to the conclusion that she does not expect my domination consciously. She expects this unconsciously. She expects manly behavior from me. Is it similar with domination on woman? – She has not given any clear answer. Naturally men are dominating.

One snowy morning of Berlin, my girl friend asked for my consent about giving up her job. I asked her whether she was taking permission or just informing. She replied that as I was involved with her life I should know. Yes, I also believe that. But if she wants to take permission that is fully different.

I am coming back to the seat reservation system of city buses. It is really a good decision. At least ten women are getting seats at the bus. But the reactions of the male passengers are not always good. Some times I hear that they are teasing the ladies. One day I saw that some young male passengers were forcing a woman to sit in the reserved seat. They were telling that as women had reserved seats, they should not sit in common seats. The bus authority has written beside the reserved seats ‘for children, women and disabled’. This morning I have heard that some young male passengers are teasing the women passengers who were sitting at the reserved seats as disabled women. Unfortunately there was no protest from any one. Even they women were laughing. I have also heard to say those male passengers sitting on women’s seat ‘half ladies’. This is all about the journey time. Good to see that at least some women are getting seats in the transport. I hope to see better condition in future.


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  1. how many seats reserved for womens in medum bus & mini bus

    Comment by Lal | June 3, 2010 | Reply

    • how many seats are reserved for women in bus in india

      Comment by Lal | June 3, 2010 | Reply

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