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Unexpected Scene in the Expected Rain

Just several hours’ rain in last week made the Bangladeshi capital city Dhaka unknown and unexpected to her dwellers. Roads had gone under water. CNG run vehicles became out of order at the roads. Ordinary people, who had gone to sleep happily at the scene of expected rain at night, became puzzled at the early morning. Residences of lower areas of Dhaka city had become most affected. Most of the people of those areas had found themselves surrounded by rain water.

Shofiqul Islam, an employee of a private organization lives at the MoghBazar area of Dhaka. He failed to go to his office because water had reached not only the floor-level of his bedroom but also his bed. So he was busy to save his goods through out the day. His family did not cook at that day because of water. Mr. Shofiq bought some puffed rice at the afternoon and the whole family including his little child shared that food. He says, ‘We got relief when we had seen that water was going out at the evening. Whole incident was unexpected. Now if I see cloudy sky I become anxious about water.’

Local Met office told that last week’s rain was a record in last several decades. Some people have told that city’s Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) was not at all prepared for several hours’ long rain. Powerful persons had filled the canals of the city and made their housing project and business. Now the drainage system has become insufficient. Rain water can not go out of the city with in a short time, so the roads go under water. Boats come at the road.

Rain is very much expected in the rainy season. But the global warming is changing everything of Bangladesh. Naimul Kabeer, a student of Environmental Science has told that seasons are loosing their characteristics. The quantity of rain is decreasing at the rainy seasons in recent years. Cold is not felt at the winter. The seasonal circle is breaking down.

What is the reaction of this disorder? – To answer this question, Ripon Ahmed, a graduate of Bangladesh Agriculture has told that our agriculture will be most affected. He mentioned that last month some newspapers published news about droughts at the rainy season. Our farmers are dependent on rain and the rainy season is their harvest time. If they do not get water at the rainy season for their agriculture the production will be decreased. The result will be shortage and price hike. He has also told that he has heard the term ‘global warming’ and know little bit about its effects. He thinks that Government and social organizations should take the issue seriously. He also told that the whole world is becoming conscious day by day but unfortunately not the people of Bangladesh.

Fateema Begum (70) lives in the slum area of Dhaka which is located beside a canal. She has never heard anything about global warming. Too much rain at a night is like a curse of God to her. She thinks that people are forgetting God. So the God is punishing the city people by rain. But other city people like Shofiq, Naimul or Ripon’s opinion are different here. They think that whether we know about the changing of seasonal cycle and global warming we should give our attention either to solve the problem or taking necessary steps to save ourselves. Unfortunately here no one is telling about this.


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