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Illegal Picture Again

A flight landed as emergency at the Zia International Airport Dhaka today. I found this incident as breaking news at the website of my previous media organization. I was surprised for two reasons. First one is the site was taking much time to show its contents. Second one is a photo of planes.
I am coming to the first one. Generally it does not take so much time to enter into the websites of newspapers. It is my idea. Everyday I skim through all of those sites. Last week, I have got a phone call from the Managing Editor of my previous job organization. I went to that media house as he told to go. I had noticed some advertisement about their new website. It was looking great although I have doubt about the efficiency of the external web page developer firm. I can remember about that day when the members of that firm had come to show their development. I was surprised to hear from an expert that he does not know what CMS is. Few days later I left that media house and joined a new one. The Managing Editor told me that their website has been crashed for too much click. He wants to buy a dedicated domain for his media house. I had tried to give information by searching several websites. I have noticed that the IT manager was becoming angry with me as he had already contacted with another firm. Before leaving the office I tried to delete the web history of that computer which I had used to collect information. Now I am coming back to my first reason that the site was taking much time. It took about minute for my less speed internet at my laptop. I was surprised to see that a national daily newspaper’s host is a commercial site ( I hope that my old media house will get its own registered domain very soon.
Now I am coming to my second surprise. The media house is trying to make the website better. But I think that they have used a picture of plane which is their. I think they have collected that picture by searching any image site. If I am correct, they have done wrong. To publish a picture without appropriate ownership is not only illegal but also cheating. But here no body cares about the license. Few days ago they had published an artist’s work on the hairstyles of US first ladies which was published in an American newspaper’s website. I do not know that where they will stop.


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