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Load Shedding Everyday

A night without power failure or night with power- This is not very tough to answer which is normal in the city of Dhaka. Possibly the dwellers have not forgot to think what should be normal. Al-Mamun, a Bangladeshi student who has been living in Japan for last few years has written to his friends of Dhaka that he has never seen any power failure here. But this is a dream for his friends who always suffer for power failure even at this summer.
Present Government has blamed the inactivity of the previous Governments in power generation. They are also telling about some steps like introducing day light savings system to save energy. They are also telling about more power generation with in recent years. But what will happen in future that is completely unclear to the country people. ‘Power companies who are struggling to generate energy at present how they will be able to generate more energy in future’, Sakib Alam, a social worker says. He is really in doubt about the future. He tells that now we see four to five times power disconnection everyday. He believes that this number will increase in future.
The businessmen are always sufferer at the power failure. Ahmed Kabir, a shop owner of city’s shopping mall Eastern Plaza has told about his sufferings for electricity. He tells that he and other businessmen are using generator to electrify their shops. Buyers do not enter into the shops when there is no electricity supply. For that reason their operating cost is increasing day by day. Students are also suffering too much.
They do not get electricity during their study time. So they suffer in summer’s heat.
The reason of power failure is less production. The demand is high and it is increasing day by day.

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