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Good luck to Palestine children

Israleli soldiers are snatching away a child of Palestine

Israleli soldiers are snatching away a child of Palestine

I was feeling bad last night while I was watching a documentary on the routinely ill treatment with the Palestine children by the Israeli soldiers. Journalists were asking the soldiers- how they arrest a child. Soldiers do not answer. This is one scene. Another scene was the Palestine children are throwing stones to the Israeli soldiers at the border. I was astonished by this. Long years’ hostile relationship among the adults of Palestine and Israel has clearly affected the children. May be that is the reason of throwing stone or treating children like the ordinary Palestine adults.
I am not a supporter of Palestine or Israel. As an ordinary supporter of peace I want a peaceful solution. I do not want to see any aggression either by Israel or Palestine. As I am not an expert of the politics of Middle East, I just want to raise my voice for the sake of the children of Palestine.
What I have seen at the news of BBC is really frustrating for me. Israeli soldiers are dragging a child of Palestine or locking a child at a Military van. I can not support the soldiers. I just understand that a child who will get ill treatment from the Israeli soldiers at his early childhood will always treat them as an enemy.
One important thing that I would like to mention is the Israeli soldier’s position about the child abuse. I was searching Google just after watching the news. I found some statement from Israeli soldiers that they never abuse the children or women of Palestine. Is this statement is just for the statement? I do not know. But I saw last night at BBC is forcing me to believe that statement as wrong.
I just want to see no more ill treatment with the children. God saves the children of Palestine. Good luck to them. I just wish a better future for them.


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