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Life is full of true and lies. I am becoming puzzled day by day. Some problems are creating trouble in my daily life. I am trying to be more engaged with my work. Above all I am trying to make myself remain busy. But what is the solution? Friend is very important for life. But who is the friend. What is the difference between him and a foe? I do not know.
Two weeks ago I was in trouble to save two of my friends. I told the true and later I was asked to say wrong to save them. But one of them is really creation trouble for me everyday. I do not know what can be the solution. But still in dark. A man who was a proved well-wisher for years and now if she turns into enemy it is really a big problem for me.
Love to whom and for whom? Now-a-days I see that some of my friends are taking this love as tit for tat. Two of my friends were friends with each other for about ten years. I do not know much about them. They tell that they are just friend. But when one of them falls in love with a guy who is colleague of the both, the other guy gets hurt. I know that how much hard task that was. I have found their e-mails which are full of personal sadness and frustration.
That man may fall into love with other. That is not any forbidden matter in this society. But if the other guy tries to manage a girl friend with in a very short time even in a week, I really become confused. I ask here love for whom or with whom. Is it only for taking shelter? Time will answer this question.
I am in trouble. I know that what I have written here is nothing clear. I can not write here what I know. It may create problem for my so called well-wishers.


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