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Punishment for Bribe in Bribe Palace

BribeSmall sized news has made me sad this morning. Samakal, a national Bengali daily newspaper has published news about bribe at its first column. I found the news attractive and started to read. When I had completed the reading I understood that the news has passed me into a world of sadness. Why? I would like to say that the news is very ridiculous to me.
According to the news, a Head master of a high school of Khagrachori (a hill tract district) had tried to give bribe to the Personal Secretary of the Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid while the minister was requesting all through the media not to give bribe for the getting the facility of Monthly Payment Order (MPO) system. The P.S. of the minister is so honest that he could not tolerate that a poor Head Master would offer him five-thousand taka (50 Euros). He instantly passed the matter to the Minister and Mr. Nahid fired the Head Master from the job on the spot. Dr. Sayeed Monjurul Islam and another prominent educationist were present there at that time. Here the news comes to the end.
Now I am coming to the news. What I understand from the news is really sad. The MPO process was not regular till the present Government came to power. All teachers have not turned the teaching profession into business or tool to earn a lot of money. So far I know most of the non-government high school teachers face trouble to run their family by their little salary. This is only about the teachers who are getting MPO facility. But the guys who are deprived from MPO process year after years, their case are sadder. They generally run their families by borrowing their money. They can not send their son or daughter to Boston for higher studies like Dr. Sayeed Monjurul Islam. When the MPO process had started few months ago the non government high school teachers became hopeful to find their name and institution in MPO list. But later when they had come to know that all those who were deprived would not get the MPO facility they just thought some most practiced process to get the facility. That is bribe. Notorious Education office (Shikkha Bhaban) of Dhaka has a self identity for its bribe practice. The Newspapers have published news about this bribe practice many times. People know that how greedy officials they have.
I do not support bribe practice. I do not think that the poor Head Master has done the right thing. But some thing is forcing me to become suspicious. Is the Personal Secretary of the Education Minister really honest? I do not know him personally. But this week a national daily news paper of Bangladesh has published news about huge amount bribe for MPO practice. Now my question is- who is taking this bribe? Definitely the Ministry officials or officials related to Ministry or Parliament. If I come to the amount of bribe I should say it is really big amount, more than one lakh in Bangladeshi currency. On the other side only five thousand taka from that Head Master is too little. I have doubt whether the PS had passed the matter to the Minister only for so small amount. This is too little money for bribe. So by passing the matter to the Minister the P.S. has found his ‘honest’ identity in the eyes of Minister which is more valuable than five thousand taka.
I do not think that all of the journalists of this country are honest. There is bribe scandal against the Education Reporter of that respected daily newspaper. I have come to know from an Education reporter of another Newspaper that an Education reporter of has bought a flat with in a very short time of his career. Most of his fortunes have come from news about National University of Bangladesh. After that his wife has got job and he becomes a member of Governing Body of a college. How a young aged graduate can become a member of Governing body of a college of an area where he does not live? What is the source of his money to buy new flat and brand new motor bike? I think that only he and the concerned people know the matter. I also believe that the administration of that national daily knows the matter and do not take any action as some of them are also benefited by that.
Now I am coming to the Intellectuals like Dr. Sayeed Monjurul Islam. Theses intellectuals are benefited every where. They have become the policy makers of the country. They write column in the newspapers and earn money. They are also involved with teaching at the private Universities where they also earn huge amount of money. Possibly they do not understand the pain of lack of money. Few days ago I was listening BBC Bangla where Dr. Islam was analyzing the news of the Newspapers. I was surprised to hear that Mr. Islam is analyzing news about Economics. He is a teacher of English literature. Some times he analyzes politics in his columns which are seriously published in the well reputed newspapers. But Economics? I was very attentive to hear what he says. He was telling that the world stock market was facing down turn. The down turn of Bangladeshi stock market is the effect of that. Does Mr. Islam know about Bangladeshi stock market? Can he tell how many foreign companies are active in our stock market? I hope that he will feel shame for his comment. It is better not to discuss those things what he does not understand clearly or he may discuss the matter as an ordinary person not as an expert. He was present at the termination session of that Head Master. May be, he also supported that. But I think that the Head Master has got grave punishment for a deal of small amount. I just want to know about his action against the people who are involved with big amount. I believe that still now Education Ministry is corrupted.


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  1. Great site…keep up the good work.

    Comment by Bill Bartmann | September 4, 2009 | Reply

  2. I’m so glad I found this site…Keep up the good work

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    Comment by nick | August 29, 2010 | Reply

  4. Naturally, the small amount was passable and he did so using it to create a story of resistance against bribery and all that good stuff. When the price was right, they kept it quiet.

    Comment by tanm | January 27, 2011 | Reply

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