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Expectations to the BTV

Only several hours’ programs of Bangladesh Television (BTV) have made me bored. Fortunately I have the options to avoid BTV. But I shall say sorry to those who have no alternative options. I can not imagine how a government run television station can change its style just after changing the government. I should say that all governments of Bangladesh have used BTV for them.

I just want to add last week’s experience. I did not find any program except the father of the nation before the anniversary of his assassination. One of my nephews was very frustrated as his favorite program Sisimpur was out of the list for the other program. I know that this situation is not new for Bangladesh. Bangladesh Television always acts as pro-government. When Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) comes into power it praises BNP and kicks the opposition. Same thing happens when Bangladesh Awami League comes into power. People do not find any change of this tradition.

Government always tries to prove that they are doing their best for the country. BTV’s news and other development program campaign for that. Now a days I find some TV channels and newspapers which are run by the opposition parties are also trying to fulfill their party agenda. I never find any good news about the government in those media. They always try to establish that the present government is selling the country to the foreigners.

But where or who will make the balance between two? If media gets any political identity it does not bring any good thing for the journalists. They also become politicized. Because people do not see the people who people who are politicizing the media. So when government looses its power journalists also loose their job.

I want to say about myself as a viewer. I wanted to see BTV because other channels were not available at that time. But when I have found all boring program I just switched off my television set. I think this is the simply solution. I like our father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibor Rahman. I also like his party more than any other parties. But I do not want to see boring program through out the week. I think other viewers are also getting frustrated with BTV. The administration who controls the BTV should understand that.


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