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Day has started with a bad news. My office premise Bashundhara City got fire last night. This is not the first time. Second time- within six months. I got relief when I had heard that fire had not caused much loss. No one is injured except some journalists. I have also seen video footage of the aggressive security guards. They used sticks on the journalists. So far I can remember that the security guards had also done the same in the past. I thought that the journalist would call for movement against Bashundhara group as other news media was acting like enemy when the group invested in media sector. I may find some news about beating incidents at tomorrow’s newspaper. This has become natural here.
This morning I was talking with a crime reporter about last night incident. He blamed the journalists for the unexpected incident like beating. He also told the name of a reporter of a TV channel who was very keen to enter into fire-engulfed building. I have come to know that the security guards did not allow the journalists to enter into the closed shopping mall. But some journalists tried to enter and faced the unexpected situation. What should a journalist do when he will find a closed fire-engulfed market? Should they enter into the market or stay outside? I think the answer will not be concrete. Above all it will vary time to time.
But I expect an environment when journalists will get the opportunity to collect the news freely. I should also mention that journalists should not misuse their liberty and position. Some critics say that it is not necessary to impose censorship on the Bangladeshi media houses. They are self-censored. ‘Self- censored’ is a funny term which is biting almost all of us.


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