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When new media becomes silent

Citizen Journalism is becoming popular in Bangladesh. Now we can write and share our ideas and opinions by using new media like Blogs, Facebook, Twitter. But during the time of disaster when the communication is more important then I find that the activities of new media are blocked. Internet, which is changing our idea about communication, becomes uncertain during the hours of crisis. By the blessings of Cell phone we are getting internet connection by a small cost. But Government sometimes asks the Cell phone operators to restrict their service to the subscribers. I have doubt whether the modern or developed countries are familiar with these situations. Political chaos sometimes becomes so uncontrollable here that Government tries to control the situation by curtailing the communication tools of new media. So when the cell phone signals becomes off I believe I am most out of the world.
I can remember the post clash incident at the University of Dhaka on 20th August 2007. Not only the campus but also the capital Dhaka was turned into a city of chaos and battle. But the ultimate result was restriction on media. Government asked the cell phone operators to restrict their service. We became out of cell phone network. If I use cell phone internet I will become out of internet network too. At one side, cell phone internet is becoming popular for less cost and mobility. On the other side it is easy to restrict all of my communications just by ordering the cell phone operators. But as a citizen I have the rights of free communication. That is always violated.
I hope that the crisis, which makes my cell phone silent, will not come again. But I know that if it comes I will be out of the world. I will have to say hello or after the disaster what really had happened. That means we will not be able to communicate at the real time. I just want to see a solution that will always keep my cell phones and internet connections on.
I want to add two examples of media restrictions. After the unexpected incident at the University of Dhaka in August 2007 the caretaker Government imposed restriction on the news of private TV channels. Then we were forced to hear Government prescribed news. I believe that it is a bad example. Another thing is banning social networking site like Youtube. (See the story of BBC) After the mutiny at Bangladesh Rifles head quarter a recording of a meeting between the Prime Minister and army officers was posted in Youtube. Then the Government blocks youtube. I like my country and follow her rules and regulation. Now I can access youtube and other sites. But I cannot support the practice of blocking cell phone, Internet or any site. Present government had campaigned for a digitalized country. I always want to keep in touch with my friends.


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