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Playing with patients

While I am writing this story more than two thousand medicine shops of Bangladesh’s biggest wholesale medicine market are closed for strike. They are demanding to stop harassment by the law enforcing agencies. But I have doubt about the justification regarding their demand. What is the fault of law enforcing agencies? They seized some contraband medicines from the medicine stores of the Bangladeshi port city Chittagong few days ago. Medicine sellers told that they did not know about the legal issue of those medicines. It is really unbelievable statement. I know that they ask extra money for illegal medicines. Now I would like to say about my experience about buying medicine. My aunt was admitted in a hospital and the doctors had given us a long list of medicines and drugs. I went to the medicine store to buy sleeping drugs as per the prescription of the doctors. But no medicine sellers wanted to sell those. I noticed that addicted peoples were buying by high price. Then I became clear that if I pay extra money I would get those. I think that the medicine sellers are very cruel and their target is only business. So at the time of disaster they ask for extra money. I believe that they are playing with patients. Unfortunately Government is not eager to take action against this.


November 7, 2009 - Posted by | Personal

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