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I was taking preparation to go to bed after a hectic day. Like other nights I switched on television to watch news analysis-program. This is an opportunity for us to know the lead news of next morning’s newspaper. All lead news are about clashes between a student wing of a controversial political party and action against them. I can see politics with dead bodies for last few days. Every day we are getting news about clashes between rival political groups and recovery of dead bodies. Surprisingly the both rival group is claiming the dead as their members.

Sometimes I have thought about the role of news media in this critical situation. It is expected that media will not be biased towards any group or people. But the reality is different. I was more shocked when I had started to watch a talk show. What I had heard was totally unexpected to me. What is the role of senior journalists or columnist in a critical situation of a country? My first expectation is he will speak the truth. He will not explain the situation in any one’s favor. But I have found that a prominent journalist is talking in favor of a political party.

I can also give an example of a prominent columnist and senior journalist. After the historic trial of Bangabandhu murder case I wanted to know his reaction for my newspaper. He was deeply confused and worried to express his opinion. First I should admit that we were trying to balance our opinion pages from the columnists and intellectuals of two groups. One group demanded the trial of the killer to make an example. The other group was quiet silent. They have not openly said that they are in favor of the killers. But they have opposed by  logic. That prominent columnist works in a media house. The owner of that media house has a political identity who helped to establish the killers. So it was very normal to me that he will not be very happy about the trial. He had heard all the comments of other intellectuals and at last made a very flat comment in just three line.

But last week when the rival group of his party’s student wing did a blunder he got all his points to make comments. Later when the allay of his party made another serious blunder he linked everything and generalized the tragic incident.

I am also getting the same thing in other intellectuals also. Is it the duty to legalize the misdeeds of their party in their column.

Now I can identify the newspapers or television channels by their political identity. News of one news paper or television channel is far away from other. I want to give example of the news about the punishment of five killers of Bangabandhu murder case. Most of the newspapers had seen the matter as a finishing of black episode. They hailed the trial and punishment. But some newspapers published news which were in favor of the killers.

I personally supported and hailed the trial. It was the matter of killing the President and almost all of his family members. The killers admitted the killing and challenged the world that nobody can put them in trial. They got indemnity. It was a symbolic case for the whole Bangladesh. But the nation has proved that there is no mercy for the killers. They got punishment after 35 years of their blunder.

I also feel sad when I saw in the television screen that the old parents of the killers were crying after meeting with them for the last time. I believe that it is very hard for any parents who know that their son is going to be hanged after few hours. It is really very touchy. I thought about the President and his family members who were murdered. Those who are alive, have more pain. What is the role of media here? Should television channels show the scene where the parents of the killers are crying? I would like to mention here that those who opposed the trial they have shown those scenes more than usual time.


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