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Killers of Bangabandhu are in foreign shelter

Noor Chowdhury, one of the killers of the Bangladeshi founder President Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is now in Canada. Bangladeshi Court declared his death penalty in his absence. The Government of Bangladesh is trying to bring him back. According to media report, Canadian Government is eager to sent him to Bangladesh where he may face the death penalty. Bangladeshi Government is trying to deal with the option of extradition with other countries where the killers have got shelter. Government is very active to get the killers back to the country. Last month five killers faced their death penalty. All of them are former military officer. They declared their misdeed in media and challenged the judicial system. The case was very symbolic for Bangladesh. Because the killers got indemnity. The Government of Bangladesh and members of civil society have identified the trial as a giant step to establish rule of law in Bangladesh.

I have talked with several intellectuals and columnists after the trial to take their opinion. Most of them hailed the trial. They told that it was the responsibility of Bangladeshi people to ensure the trial and verdict. They also felt relief to see the trial after 35 years. But I can remember a comment of international-relation expert Dr. Imtiaz Ahmed. I asked him to know the impact of death penalty in the western world. I will mention that European Union had asked the Bangladesh Government not to hang the killers. But Mr. Imtiaz said, ‘European countries have reached in such a system where a killer can be locked till his death. But killers can be free in Bangladesh after changing the government. The trial was fair.’ He believes that European countries will be convinced when they will come to know the fair trial.

When I draw his attention about the killers who got shelter in other countries, he said, ‘it is not possible to establish rule of law if one country gives shelter to the killers of other countries’.

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