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Election will be free and fair only if I win!

The official schedule for campaign of Bhola by-election is over. Every one is waiting for vote. But I have noticed some suspicious attitudes in the main opposition party (Bangladesh Nationalist Party-BNP). Bangladesh Awami League led Great Alliance is ruling the country now. Their position in the parliament will remain unchanged if the loose the seat of Bhola-3. But the by-election has become an issue of prestige for both Awami League and BNP.

BNP led opposition alliance, who has a very few seats in the present parliament, has threaten to start movement if they do not find any free and fair atmosphere in Bhola. The prime candidates have blamed the others for violating election rules and attack. How ever, the Election Commission has played a very important role so far to ensure free and fair election.

Now I should say about the candidate and their party’s attitude. Awami League has selected a candidate from their party who is popular and has more chance to win than any other leaders of the party. But BNP has selected a man who played typical role after 1/11. We believe that the man’s activities had created distance with the party leader. The unity of the party members was broken at the time of crisis. So it does not mean that BNP is very happy with the party’s candidate Mr. Hafiz.

But we have noticed that BNP is trying to create issue just by participating the election. Only God knows whether BNP will admit the election if they find their candidate is defeated. I believe that if they win they will say that the voters have given mandate against the present Government. If BNP looses the seat they will say the election was not free and fair. They will start demonstration against the Government.

Awami League is in good position. The party has selected a good man as candidate. They are in power. Voter will believe that if Awami League candidate wins, they will get special interest from the Awami League led government. But BNP is in a position to start movement against the government. It does not matter whether they win in Bhola or not. The bad thing of this so-called democracy is to admit the election as free and fair only when I win.


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