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Power crisis spoils city life

I am preparing myself for an assignment this morning. I have searched several sites to collect data. But suddenly the power fails. This is not new in Bangladesh. We are suffering for power shortage almost every day.

I can remember that people were very annoyed for power shortage during the time of world cup matches. Bangladesh Government had given special direction not to make any load-shedding at the match time.

Few days ago, I have found a report at my newspaper about the increased number of instant power supply (IPS) machines. But I know that IPS is not the permanent solution. Many developed countries have never faced power crisis except in the days of natural disasters. Country like Bangladesh is struggling to fulfill the demand of power. I can see a day only in dream which will not have any power crisis.

Media houses use generator to continue the work. We do not face trouble in our media houses. But people who works in office without the supply of electricity in this hot weather, I think, they suffer much.

These days I do not get much time to browse internet in my house. I do it in my office. This morning I was using my desktop and the supply of electricity stopped. I have to wait till the electricity supply restored to get back my files. It is very annoying. I have to wait one more hour for electricity. Now I think it was better to use laptop like now.

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