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RTI is going to included in Bangladeshi Text Books

The Government of Bangladesh is going to include its Right To Information (RTI) Act on the textbooks. Information Commission of Bangladesh is pursuing government to do that. The Chief Information Commissioner, Muhammad Zamir said at a discussion meeting on Monday that the newly set up Information Commission has been pursuing the government to include a chapter on RTI in textbooks for school and college.

He said, “We have already sat together with the Education Ministry to include some pages on the Act in the secondary and higher-secondary text books.”

Intercooperation Bangladesh, a non-government organization organized the discussion titled ‘National Sharing Event on Right to Information Training Modules’.

Chief Information Commissioner said the web portal of the Commission will be launched soon. The RTI Act will be available at the portal in Bengali and English.

Muhammad Zamir stressed the need for an integrated effort to create mass awareness in this respect. He said “We do not want financial assistance for sharing experiences, practice and development. International agencies and NGOs need to coordinate with the Commission to organize better training module on RTI”.

Ambassador of the Swiss Embassy in Bangladesh Dr. Urs Herren who also spoke at the discussion, stressed the need that the media should play effective role in creating mass awareness on the RTI.

The training module is designed to create awareness among citizens, NGOs, public representatives and public officials at union and upazila level across the country.

According to the organizer, World Bank Institute, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and Canadian International Development Corporation has been providing technical and financial assistance to achieve the target.


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