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Does online journalism mean only news and photo?

Internet speed does matter in online journalism. Last year, when I came back to my country, Bangladesh, after completing two months course on multimedia and online journalism in Berlin, I really missed the high speed internet. I wrote in my facebook and twitter– ‘It is taking more than five minutes to upload a small sized photo at the web. How can I implement my lessons of multimedia?’ I was looking for solution to increase the speed and wrote to our IIJ trainers. Several months later, I have got broadband internet connection at my office and enjoying better speed. But that is not all.
I use mobile internet connection at my cellphones, laptop and desktop computer. Now internet speed is better than last year’s April. But unfortunately that is not suitable for multimedia.
If I want to listen a song or enjoy a music video from any web portal, I need to stop several times because of slow internet connection.
I have the option to use high speed internet at my office. But most of our online readers do not have high speed internet. So they will not be able to enjoy the multimedia at the web portal.
I think, multimedia may not be suitable for a country whose people do not have high speed internet. I have tried with web tv option at the web. It stops several times with our internet speed. High speed internet is costly here and most of our people can not afford that.

Bangladeshi online newspapers do not have sufficient multimedia options. The news sites are limited with only stories and photos. Only a few web portals have included the option of web radio and tv. But that does not work well with less speed internet connection. It is also important that the media houses do not have separate team for web tv. They collect this from differnt tv channels. I will not make wrong if I say those are the link of television channels.
Surprising thing is that there is no difference between the news of print and online version. Teaser, news intro everything is same. Reporters practice jouranlism, not online journalism. I have never found any link at the stories of online newspapers. So we have to go more to attain a standard level in online journalism.
I can not be hopeless when I see that our bloggers are efficient in citizen journalism. I see better web papge and web design in blogs than any other newspapers.
The main problem is that IT people, not the journalists,work for onlines of our country’s newspaper. Journalists write the news as if they are writing for print media. IT people upload those. I hope, the scenario will be changed dramtically when online journalists will control the onlines. They will write exculisely for onlines. Our readers will get links to move forward.
I hope that it will be in near future. I think, now online newspapers are developing here because it takes less investment than print version. Big media houses have also online version. They update news in several editions like mid-day edition, afternoon edition, evening edition. But I believe that these can be developed more.
I can not be hopeless about multimedia also. I have found that several online radios are running very well by using low speed internet. We have to think about low speed internet for developing any multimedia tool.


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