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Closing educational institutions to ease traffic jam

Traffic jam in Dhaka. Photo: Mahadi Hasan by Nokia 7210 Supernova

It was the demand and the Government of Bangladesh has done that. From tomorrow all school and colleges of Bangladesh will remain closed and it will continue till 16 September. The Education Minister, who declared the decision told about the month of Ramadan as reason. He also told that it was difficult for the students as well as parents to come to school at the early morning of Ramadan. That may be a reason as people got up after mid night to take food and perform fasting through out the day. But Education Minister also says, he believes that traffic jam will decrease if the educational institution are closed.

I have seen that many people are happy. Because they are fed up with

the early morning traffic jam in the capital city Dhaka. I am personally suffer for traffic jam. I need to start at least one hour ahead to attend a program whose venue is not even one kilo-meter away from my house. If there is rain or political rally, the jam turns into a panic. I have seen many times that ambulances are locked in jam.

Every morning and evening people face trouble to move. Who will believe that Dhaka has about 10 million people? Can any one imagine that 10 percent of the total population of a country live in a single city? The number of dwellers is increasing day by day. Any one can

easily understand the condition of our road if he just think that at least five million people are at the roads to go to the offices and workplaces.

The problem is that all of our workplaces are based in Dhaka. All important office, educational institutions and ministries are in Dhaka. There is no decentralization. The number of dwellers has increased rapidly. But roads and public services have not developed. Above all these services have become limited for huge population in Dhaka. Once upon a time there was canals and trees in the city. But these are decreasing day by day. But the most important thing is that Dhaka is in high risk for earthquake. The buildings are so closer to each other that it will be very tough to rescue the victims. Unfortunately our developers have not followed the building code and safety measures. Every one believes that if there is any high scaled earth quake the city will turn into devastation and death zone.

Every morning we start our day with the tension of traffic. We lost several hours in road everyday. Our Government take steps to ease our problems but nothing works. This year’s decision to close the educational institution will at least help the students not to face traffic jam at the early morning. But they will face huge pressure of their syllabus after the vacation. Above all, closing educational institutions is not any permanent solution to solve the traffic jam. Roads of Dhaka are always busy.


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