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A TV station is telling that they are very shocked at the death of a bureau chief. On the other hand, an online newspaper is telling that ‘so called journalist’ has been killed.
When I saw the news at My TV, one of our new private TV channels, I was shocked and told that another journalist has been killed. But with in an hour I have got very bad impression about that man. According to Sheershanews, an online newspaper of Bangladesh, he was not a journalist. He used to express himself as a journalist. He never worked with any media house. According to police, the name of that man was in the ‘criminals list’. He has been killed for internal conflict among his group.
As My TV has expressed condolence and identified the man as one of their bureau-chiefs, I can say that he was really appointed by the TV channel.
If the statement of police is right, we will have to think about the recruitment process very seriously. Now there is no policy to recruit journalists. The matter is depending up on the respective media house. But if the criminals get the opportunity to identify themselves as journalist, it will be very harmful for our community.
Sometimes our journalists get involved with unethical activities also. We have evidence. There are huge complains against the journalists of remote areas. They act like extortionist. One of my friends who is involved with business said me few days ago that a local journalist was coming to frequently and asking tip. He asked me to tell him solution. I replied, ‘just pass the case to police’. Then he told me that local journalists have very good tie with policemen. Many of them are dishonest.
Really, ordinary people are very helpless in these situations. If we do something that will be misuse of our identities. Few days ago, I got a phone call at the early morning. He told me that a journalist had called him and wanted to meet with him just for chat.
Its sounds quite unnatural to me. So I wanted to know the name of that journalist and his media house. My relative has told me the name of the media house which I never heard.
I thought the media house is new. I have talked with my colleagues but none of them have heard the name. Then I collected the number of that journalist from my relative. I wanted to judge whether he was real. As I called that journalist, I heard the voice of a drunk. When I wanted to know his identity he used some vulgar words. It was a fraud case. But the horrible thing is that he was continuously threatening to publish news against my relative.
I was in tension. Actually I did not know what that man was going to do. Every day we edit the news from our correspondents very carefully. It is very tough to know whether there is any personal intention of the correspondent. When any false news is published against anyone we can not rebuild his image. So I told my relative that if you think there is something which is false and harmful for your prestige just go to the court.
But I know, this is no solution.
Some media houses are very careful about their journalists. If they get any complain, they investigate and take action. That is good for transparency. But what will happen to the cars who use ‘press’ sticker. Everyday I see lot of cars who carry ‘press’ stickers at their glasses. Most of them are fake. They use it to get some privileges.
I can remember when I was new in newsroom I saw that the local correspondents are eager to get press card. As if their press ID card is more important than their salaries. Yes, now we are getting many complains about the misuse of press card. Some people are spoiling the fame of journalism.


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