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Controversy with digital contents

Writing styles (language) at online and digital contents like music are creating controversy among the people of Bangladesh. At the beginning of this month (August), High Court Division of Bangladesh Supreme court has banned the use of national anthem as a ring tone or welcome tune. The court has also fined three mobile phone operators- Grameenphone, Banglalink and Robi , for using the anthem for commercial purpose. Bangladesh recently passed a new law punishing those who insulted the national flag or anthem.

Mobile phone operators are in competition with each other to develop new contents and this is the way to attract the subscribers. They had offered not only national anthem but also religious verses. Many people used those. However, a lawyer had filed a case and the court has banned national anthem as ring tone or welcome tune.

According to the law of Bangladesh, using national anthem as commercial purpose is punishable offense. The mobile phone operators have sold national anthem as digital content. The subscribers had to spend money to download the content. Therefore, this is a commercial matter and the court has ruled against this business.

Himel Khan, a subscriber of a mobile phone operator says, ‘I used national anthem as ring tone and welcome tune of my mobile phone. Because it was a patriotic work to me. I love my country and national anthem’.

He also says, ‘as it is not allowed in law and the court has banned the use, we have nothing to do. But I think that I have not dishonored the anthem’.

However, many people think that both the developer and user of digital content should respect the law.

Writing style and use of language is another controversy, which is developing day by day. In short, message service (SMS), mobile phone users write in short. Especially in informal communication, this practice is exists in all countries. But, here the problem is writing Bangla speech in English letters.

There was no opportunity to write in Bangla at the beginning of the mobile phone operations in Bangladesh. Mobile handset companies have developed and installed Bangla fonts in handsets in recent years. So people had written the Bangla message in English letters as pronunciations. But it has also irritated the elder generation. They think that this is disgraceful for Bangla language.

Some writers have written against writing Bangla by using English letters. But some young bloggers are started using Bangla fonts to write their SMS although it is hard. Others think that they are writing by using English fonts because that is easy. They are not doing any harm for the language. They hope that everything will be OK with in years. It takes time to absorb any change especially to the elder generation.

Digital contents have become a reason of concern for the artists also. There are some web portals which offer the users to download music and drama without any money. These sites are creating troubles for business. Artists are demanding for the right of their music and drama at the web portal. They also demand legal protection for their intellectual property.


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