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Do not shut down online service for ‘security’

I have read a story at the Asian Tribune online this morning on Blackberry, Google and Skype. The title of the story is ‘Blackberry opens locked servers to India; victorious New Delhi now aims at Google & Skype’. This is good news at least for the Blackberry users of India who had the risk to face ban. As Indian Home Ministry will get full access to Blackberry’s encrypted servers, I hope that Indian Government will not impose ban on using Blackberry. According to the report of the Asian Tribune, New Delhi is now waiting for the same access opportunity from Google and Skype.

I think that other neighboring countries may follow India for security concern. The Government of Bangladesh is going to legalize the VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Few months some PSTN operators have lost their operational license for illegal VOIP. Mobile phone operators have also faced penalty. So if the authorities of Blackberry, Google and Skype give access to the governments, ordinary people at least will get the opportunity to use those.

We have the example of banning Youtube and Facebook. Bangladesh Government had banned those for anti-country or unexpected campaigns in Facebook and Youtube. Government had restored that after few days.

Especially young people are the users of this social networking sites and communication device. They had protested after the ban. A Bangla newspaper published the news of banning Facebook as lead.

As the election manifesto of the present government of Bangladesh is to make ‘Digital Bangladesh’, people do not expect any ban on online activities. We know that there may have security concern about the activities at online. However, we do not support ban. Ordinary users suffer from that.

Few years ago, there was no mobile phone network at the hill tracts area. Security was the main reason for that. We cannot support to shut down network for security concern. Security official should do their work by keeping the network active.

Several websites of Bangladeshi government organizations were hacked few days ago. The concerned government officers did not know about the hacking. When we contacted with them for comment we were astonished.

I personally believe that IT experts are essential to protect cyber crime. It may not be possible by ordinary civil servants. To shut down the network or imposing ban on sites are not any solution.

By using Internet, we have developed online community. They communicate through online. They are also contributing in online journalism and citizen journalism. So if our governments impose ban on social networking sites and network our online journalism and citizen journalism will be affected.


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