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Bangladesh ranked 5th at online virus attack

People’s Republic of Bangladesh has been ranked as the 5th ‘most dangerous’ country for internet usage with an average online virus attack rate. According to a survey compiled by anti-virus software vendor AVG revealed, one in every 41 internet users of Bangladesh faces virus attack.

Vietnam and Laos is on also ranked the 5th position for most unsafe internet usage. According to the survey report, Turkey is the most dangerous and west African state Namibia the safest country for internet use.

Among the most dangerous states for internet usage, one out of every 10 internet users in Turkey gets infected online, followed by Russia (with one in 15 risk), Armenia (with one in 24 risk) and Azerbaijan (with one in 39 risk).

US and Pakistan tied with a one in 48 risk of online users getting attacked, the data revealed while the UK, Australia and Germany- all fared a little better with a respective 1:63, 1:75, and 1:83 risk on online attack.

Furthermore, as per the AVG statistics, the five ‘safest’ countries are Namibia, Togo, Japan, Niger and Sierra Leone.

The AVG data – based on the statistics tracked from over 100 million PCs from the last week of July – shows that global web users face one in 73 chances, on average, of being attacked online on any given day. Researchers compiled data in 144 different countries and ranked the ‘safest’ and the ‘most dangerous’ destinations for going online.


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