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People still write letter!

Few days ago, I read an article about the odd time of postal service. It was about loosing revenues. Yes, how many people write letters for informal communication even in a country of third world? We can communicate with mobile phones with a cheaper cost than sending letters. Courier services are offering better services than government run postal services. Therefore, our people have logically preferred courier service for formal communications.

‘People do not write letters’, said one of my colleagues who are In-charge of the readers’ letters section. He was very frustrated at the beginning of our new newspaper as readers’ response was low. He was not a supporter of publishing readers’ letters every day.

But a simple announcement changed the scenario. I proposed for online communication with the readers. That means, we will receive readers’ letter as e-mail. Even we have started a weekly program where our readers can express their opinions by using their phones. We have engaged some of our colleagues who write their opinions.

At the first day, the response of our readers were so out standing that we were in trouble to manage all of those with in two pages. It is just the beginning. Now we ask readers’ opinion at every weekend. Response is very good. We believe that it helps to increase the number of our readers. Because those who give their opinions, eagerly wait to see that at print and online version. Even they call if their opinions are not published.

Now I want to say another thing. We have offered several quiz contests for world cup football beside our regular quizzes. There also offer attractive prizes. Everyday our staffs at the reception corner of our office saw many letters. There were some big boxes in front of the office just to receive answers of the quizzes. We had to change those with in hours. The response was huge.

We were in a discussion to understand-why do our readers answers quizzes but do not write letters? One answer is incentive. Although the process of writing letter is quite critical, the readers responded for prizes.
The people who generally write letters for readers’ corner or editorial page they generally write about their problems and expectations.

As we have offered receiving letters at online the number of writers have increased. However, as many people can write in English and cannot write in Bangla at computer, they generally write Bangla pronunciation by using English alphabet. That is quite problematic. Because we have no option to convert those messages. We just rewrite those.

But we are hopeful that in future they will write by using correct fonts and writing styles.

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