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Rethought about journalism

‘Journalism is the only profession where no one needs any qualification!’, a government employee said this during our friendly chat. I could not protest. Two days back, I read an article on journalism where one of our colleagues argued for an institutional mechanism which could allow someone to work as a journalist.


I can not deny his strong logic. Doctors of this country have to go through institutional mechanism. If anyone violate rules, there is ways of remedies. But what is for the journalists? It is true that anyone can be journalist here. As media industry is booming the number of journalists increasing day by day by the grace of freshers. Media owners rarely arrange sufficient training for their employees. The ultimate result is the death of ethics.


I could not answer when that Government employee said that journalists play with people’s emotion. ”You, journalists like to ask the fathers, ‘how are you feeling after the death of your sons?”’ she said. I try to visualize the scene. How cruel we can be! It has happened few years back. And that is not the first or last.


Even this year we did not hesitate to ask a little child for describing how his journalist father and mother were killed. I heard a university teacher was telling in TV talk show that journalists forgot the guidelines. I do not believe that. How many of us know the UNICEF‘s guidelines for interviewing children? The number will not be satisfactory.


It is a matter of shame that when we go abroad we try to proof as victims of insufficient press freedom. Even we do not hesitate to claim that we were tortured in our imagined past. Most of the cases, these are nothing but a way to get a bit sympathy. I have found a funny C.V. of a journalist who is now in USA. He included the story of a road accident in his C.V.


It has become very tough to differentiate between the commentary and report. Personal opinions are dominant there. As if they are columns or essays on personal thoughts. Desires from all corners of the media houses are essential to correct this. Let’s come to the first comment. I told that to one my journalist friends. He looked angry and wanted to know whether I protested or not. I said, ‘no’. I am trying to listen more and trying to respect other’s right to express his opinion.


Reports are not limited here within the structure of 5WH only. It is true that many people are misusing the identity of journalist. Another basic problem is the boundary line of choosing news items. ’15 days holidays of a single month’ may be a good information but not a good news to a government employee. She may raise question whether that should be matter of report or not. People may blame journalists for not writing good incidents. I will choose here the logic of one of our prominent editor. He believes that journalists are the social doctors. Like the physicians, journalists should find out the wrongs of the society.


Journalists who are working here are not all uneducated or lack of qualification. Yes, as we choose the wrong to make that right, people also choose our unethical or unprofessional example to make us correct. Report and reporter, both should be perfect. Otherwise social doctors will not be able overcome their criticism.


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