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Rethought about journalism

‘Journalism is the only profession where no one needs any qualification!’, a government employee said this during our friendly chat. I could not protest. Two days back, I read an article on journalism where one of our colleagues argued for an institutional mechanism which could allow someone to work as a journalist. Continue reading


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Fifty words bring the end of 30 years

‘In the name of God the merciful, the compassionate, citizens, during these very difficult circumstances Egypt is going through, President Hosni Mubarak has decided to step down from the office of president of the republic and has charged the high council of the armed forces to administer the affairs of the country. May God help everybody.’
The words of the Egyptian Vice President Omar Suleiman was simple and expected. As I can remember BBC presenter was saying ‘The rule of 30 years has come to the end by 50 words’. Continue reading

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Neutrality is missing!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was reading a political commentary this morning. I found it in a news website and it was written by journalist, leader of journalist community. I followed the recent political incidents. But I was eager to know the analysis of that journalist. I read the analysis and read the readers’ comments also. Continue reading

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Four days without newspaper!!!!

From last Friday to Monday, no newspaper has been published in Bangladesh. All print media houses were closed for Eid holidays. Journalistic activities in televisions and radios ran well. New media has also performed nice job to fulfill the thirst of the readers. However, many people like the Finance Minister of Bangladesh, Abul Mal Abdul Muhit wants newspapers even in holidays. Mr. Muhit has given the idea to publish newspapers at least in limited scale. Continue reading

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More miles to go

After reading my stories at IIJ Blog, some of my friends and course mates sent e-mails to me about the scopes and present scenario of online journalism in Bangladesh. Some of them thought that there is not huge scope for online media. However, I have tried to make their idea wrong. Continue reading

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Bangladeshi Editor Jailed

The Supreme Court of Bangladesh sentenced detained acting editor of the Daily Amar Desh, a Bangla newspaper, to six months imprisonment for committing a contempt of court. The court also fined him Tk 1 lakh. If he fails to pay the amount, he will has to serve one more month in jail, the court order said on Thursday. Earlier the court termed Mr. Rahman as ‘an Editor by chance’ as he had no academic knowledge and experience in journalism. Continue reading

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Do not shut down online service for ‘security’

I have read a story at the Asian Tribune online this morning on Blackberry, Google and Skype. The title of the story is ‘Blackberry opens locked servers to India; victorious New Delhi now aims at Google & Skype’. This is good news at least for the Blackberry users of India who had the risk to face ban. As Indian Home Ministry will get full access to Blackberry’s encrypted servers, I hope that Indian Government will not impose ban on using Blackberry. Continue reading

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Good News Bad News

A TV station is telling that they are very shocked at the death of a bureau chief. On the other hand, an online newspaper is telling that ‘so called journalist’ has been killed.
When I saw the news at My TV, one of our new private TV channels, I was shocked and told that another journalist has been killed. But with in an hour I have got very bad impression about that man. According to Sheershanews, an online newspaper of Bangladesh, he was not a journalist. He used to express himself as a journalist. He never worked with any media house. According to police, the name of that man was in the ‘criminals list’. Continue reading

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Closing educational institutions to ease traffic jam

Traffic jam in Dhaka. Photo: Mahadi Hasan by Nokia 7210 Supernova

It was the demand and the Government of Bangladesh has done that. From tomorrow all school and colleges of Bangladesh will remain closed and it will continue till 16 September. The Education Minister, who declared the decision told about the month of Ramadan as reason. He also told that it was difficult for the students as well as parents to come to school at the early morning of Ramadan. That may be a reason as people got up after mid night to take food and perform fasting through out the day. But Education Minister also says, he believes that traffic jam will decrease if the educational institution are closed. Continue reading

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Does online journalism mean only news and photo?

Internet speed does matter in online journalism. Last year, when I came back to my country, Bangladesh, after completing two months course on multimedia and online journalism in Berlin, I really missed the high speed internet. I wrote in my facebook and twitter– ‘It is taking more than five minutes to upload a small sized photo at the web. How can I implement my lessons of multimedia?’ Continue reading

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