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Rethought about journalism

‘Journalism is the only profession where no one needs any qualification!’, a government employee said this during our friendly chat. I could not protest. Two days back, I read an article on journalism where one of our colleagues argued for an institutional mechanism which could allow someone to work as a journalist. Continue reading


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আজ আমার মন খারাপ

একটা ফোন পেয়ে মন খারাপ হয়ে গেল। আগামী মাসের দ্বিতীয় সপ্তাহে আমার আব্বা তার চাকরি থেকে অবসর নেবেন। আব্বা বেসরকারি একটি হাই স্কুলের সহকারী প্রধান শিক্ষক। বেসরকারি হাই স্কুলে এতদিন সহকারী প্রধান শিক্ষকের আলাদা কোনো বেতন স্কেল ছিলনা। খুব সম্ভবত গত বছরই একবার বাসায় যাওয়ার পর আব্বা আমাকে নতুন গ্রেডের আদেশ দেখিয়েছিলেন। কিন্তু ক’দিন পরই শুনি, Continue reading

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More miles to go

After reading my stories at IIJ Blog, some of my friends and course mates sent e-mails to me about the scopes and present scenario of online journalism in Bangladesh. Some of them thought that there is not huge scope for online media. However, I have tried to make their idea wrong. Continue reading

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Controversy with digital contents

Writing styles (language) at online and digital contents like music are creating controversy among the people of Bangladesh. At the beginning of this month (August), High Court Division of Bangladesh Supreme court has banned the use of national anthem as a ring tone or welcome tune. The court has also fined three mobile phone operators- Grameenphone, Banglalink and Robi , for using the anthem for commercial purpose. Bangladesh recently passed a new law punishing those who insulted the national flag or anthem. Continue reading

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Do not shut down online service for ‘security’

I have read a story at the Asian Tribune online this morning on Blackberry, Google and Skype. The title of the story is ‘Blackberry opens locked servers to India; victorious New Delhi now aims at Google & Skype’. This is good news at least for the Blackberry users of India who had the risk to face ban. As Indian Home Ministry will get full access to Blackberry’s encrypted servers, I hope that Indian Government will not impose ban on using Blackberry. Continue reading

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Power crisis spoils city life

I am preparing myself for an assignment this morning. I have searched several sites to collect data. But suddenly the power fails. This is not new in Bangladesh. We are suffering for power shortage almost every day. Continue reading

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Playing with patients

While I am writing this story more than two thousand medicine shops of Bangladesh’s biggest wholesale medicine market are closed for strike. They are demanding to stop harassment by the law enforcing agencies. But I have doubt about the justification regarding their demand. What is the fault of law enforcing agencies? They seized some contraband medicines from the medicine stores of the Bangladeshi port city Chittagong few days ago. Continue reading

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Lost My Old Data

My old employer Samakal has launched new website. It is really better than the previous one. But I have lost all data. I really have not thought to collect the printed version of my post and news stories. I thought that the server’s data storage would be enough to show those as my past works. But it is really painful if I loose my documents of past two or three years. Same thing happened to me when another news website (Bhorer Kagoj) had reset its server. Continue reading

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Can A Journalist Throw Shoes To A Leader?

Iraqi journalist Muntadar al-Zaidi (Muntazer al-Zeidi) is back to house after serving nine months in jail. He threw his shoes to George W Bush when the US president was addressing a press conference at the Iraqi capital Baghdad. This morning I have seen a Bangladeshi newspaper has published the news. The title is Arabian Hero Is Back. I was engaged in a fierce debate last year when I wrote a reaction about the shoe-throwing incident for my newspaper. Some of my colleagues were so excited that they informed the matter to their friends and family members by phone. But I raised a question with some of my colleagues- can a journalist throw his shoes to a leader or is it fair for a journalist? Continue reading

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When new media becomes silent

Citizen Journalism is becoming popular in Bangladesh. Now we can write and share our ideas and opinions by using new media like Blogs, Facebook, Twitter. But during the time of disaster when the communication is more important then I find that the activities of new media are blocked. Internet, which is changing our idea about communication, becomes uncertain during the hours of crisis. Continue reading

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